Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Need I say more....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Checkout one of the artists... shai linne, the lower case mc, coming out to the Entrusted with the Gospel event in June. Lyrical fire but keeps it real with the real reason of doing thangs. peep it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


PLEASE SUPPORT THIS EVENT!!!!  It is important people that we support events like this as a whole body. That means all believers from every denomination or church coming together to receive and be edified through the unity of the Spirit. i love this because it is a ministry who is stepping out in faith to put this together out of love for the whole body of believers so we all can be edified by this( especially the youth). We need to promote the vehicle of hip-hop to be used in sharing the Gospel to the youth of our islands. This is the third year so you know this ministry is trying to establish something from their passion to reach the youth. They are already trying to plan next years event(Lord willing) to make it better and this one hasn't even taken place. This years event will have shai linne aka the lower case mc, Json and Flame. This is a powerful line up as you will be fed plenty of meat to chew on as they lyrically release the power through their words to bring you closer to the Lord. Come and support... the only way we are gonna see events like this happening more often so the youth will have a place to go every weekend to edify them is to show up and say we believe in what you are doing... that we want to see change. Stop by our booth and say hello and see all the wonderful things God is cooking up!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


It's hard to believe that we started two years ago but didn't start doing events until the beginning of 2009.  Since we are just starting and don't have a physical store the only way we can be known is to do booths at events. Let me tell you that it is a grind doing booths and to see how we started and started to evolve the booth as time has gone on is pretty incredible. First you have to have some creativity with the space and how much space you have been given. Second is all the stuff you have to bring to set it up and make it look appealing to the customer. Third is the elements especially doing outdoor events. With all that goes to doing events I have been blessed to have been able to do this and would not have done it any other way. As God is opening doors to more opportunities we still are praying and believing for a physical storefront here in Hawaii. Please if you find it in your hearts to pray alongside us for the same thing, join us and come into agreement with us because when it happens it will open the doors to so many possibilities to promote the kingdom of God through the arts.  Well here is some photos of our journey and where we have been. Thank you for all who have supported us it is truly appreciated. Stay afresh.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

IN THE MIX......

If you don't know.... now ya know. Yes there are DJ's out there who use their skills to promote the Kingdom of God. Dj Transform and the crew definitely rep the kingdom well by giving us mix sets that will have you nodding for a good hour. They can be found in the itunes podcasts. i love listening to their mixes as i sit at the computer and design. I grew up in the Bay Area where most of the top Djs come from. Back then it was all house parties and Dj battle with everyone representing their own crew. All I know is that you can't have a party or event without a Dj.... no way. There is something special to hear how a Dj can blend in a song with another and just blow your mind because you would have never imagined the two blending together. Or juggling beats, the scratches to the beat and just the creativity to tell a story through a mix. I definitely looked forward to the release of a new mixtape back in the day. What brought joy to my me lately was to find a brother in Christ here in Oahu who was a Dj back in the day and is gonna resurrect those skills for the Kingdom... shouts to Dj Believa. Well support this ministry of The Midnight Prophets Crew and show them some love so they can be encouraged to keep on representing and any other Djs out there who are doing it as well and definitely keep praying for the souls of all those Djs out there in the world that they may turn to Christ and glorify Him in all they do. ONE