Saturday, November 22, 2008


                       117 CREW x AFRESH

     brother Duane for coordinating makin' the event go smoothly as planned

Joey from K.P.T. wearing an AFRESH shirt he won for prize

Like New Edition said... Can You Stand the Rain? When the love of God is involved the elements can't stop it from happening. When its storming and you got an outreach to do it takes faith to persevere through it all. That's exactly what happened today at K.P.T., nothing could stop the outreach we had today. Led by Pastor Art and Kuna Sepulveda of Word of Life Christian Center and Pastor T. AluAlu of Solid Rock Fellowship( which is located right in K.P.T.) many families of the community were blessed with a pre-Thanksgiving meal and if that wasn't enough there were various acts who performed to make the night enjoyable. One of the acts that stood out was the 117 Crew from Solid Rock Fellowship who performed over a well known Chris Brown beat that had the audiences heart noddin' to the beat as they preached the Word through their music. Each one of the members had a different style of flow but were all united with the message of glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. This crew got talent and can spit... deliverin' lyrical fire for the heart. All in all it was a blessing to all who came.A shout out to Fika Esau who never forgets where he came from and always has a heart for his community. Shouts go out to the directors and volunteers who donated their love toward the event... without their faith the Love of God would still be found in the Word... but because they moved in faith the Hand of God touched those that came and the Love was ministered. Last of all SHOUTS of PRAISE goes out to Almighty God for His undispensible mercy and grace which moves people to act out in love no matter what comes in the way of doing it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

by HIS stripes we are healed

ALWAYS REMEMBER.... what it took for us to be redeemed. Jesus took a beatdown... a BEATDOWN beyond the point of any recognition of his earthly appearance. The wounds that were inflicted, He took for you and me because He loved us but it wasn't enough. For the penalty of sin is death! So after he was abandoned, left alone to endure mockery, got spit in His face, beatin and whipped... He stayed silent and died on the cross... remember this every time you are tempted and just thank God with all you have that we didn't have to endure this.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


         sometimes you have to seek a quiet place.......

         so you can be alone with God and just meditate......

it is in these times that you can search deep within and take those things that you cannot control and just surrender them to find room for the peace only God can give you... then it is time to refocus.