Friday, October 31, 2008


                  Mike Castillo a.k.a. Big Island

        It hurt and I looked and it was only AN INK PEN!

         One more session and its done... whew SORE!

Well it's Oct. 31 and everyone is getting ready for Holloween (yeah I know how to spell it but since I don't celebrate it and it doesn't mean anything to me I call it hollow.... get it!) well anyways I decided to leave all the tricks behind and just give myself a treat today and what better way to do it than with a tattoo! It represents the only ghost in my life and that is the Holy Ghost a.k.a. Holy Spirit... Advocate... Spirit of Truth... Counselor... Comforter... Teacher... Revealer... one who gives me the strength and power to do anything I desire but most of all the one who reveals who God really is to me. I encourage all to read God's Word (the Holy Bible) which was inspired by the Holy Spirit... so that you may know who God really is and His will for your life... stay blessed. 

Shouts out to South Pacific Tattoo Co. and Mike Castillo a.k.a. big island for always being on point with his skills and talent as an artist. It takes a lot to put it down permanently on someone who trusts you with something that will last forever but most importantly in trusting your skills in doing it! If your ever in the Ki's(Waikiki) stop by the shop and let Mike do his thang cause you won't be disappointed and thats on everythang peeps..... and I do have a job!!!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sometimes our problems and worries try to cloud our minds and hearts making us feel that God is not there with us but if we believe in God's Word and stand on that instead of what we feel we will always see His glory shine through those times...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Big ups to BRIDGING THE GAP for reppin' AFRESH today at the Sunset on the Plains Event. Shout outs to TRANSFORMED and his crew for spittin' that life to the masses with their music. There music his HOT and RAW... exposing that which is not LIT UP.Checkout their site and their music in the links section.

Friday, October 10, 2008


This goes out to all who are so worried about the economic situation going on. I just want you to know of a place where we can run to find shelter and refuge... it is called the Kingdom of God. Yes those of you who have all their faith in our world, the economy and everything that you see in front of your eyes are always gonna be at the edge of your seat because this world changes so much and now that it is turning for the worst so are your attitudes and outlooks. There is one who we can believe in, put our trust in and look to provide for our every needs. One who will never fail you... The ONE and ONLY ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD. He is one that never changes... never. He is the Rock in which we can build our world on. Promises that have endured since the beginning of time and ones where we can put our faith in so we are not moved by what we see but that in which we believe. So even if all hell breaks loose just know that God has taken care of His people from the beginning of time... even through times like these. If you don't believe me read the Holy Bible and see the numerous times God has come through... in a world where there is so much uncertainty you can be comforted with words that can never be moved.

Monday, October 6, 2008


         pics are not true to color... don't want no biters!

What up my brothas and sistas... just a little update about what's going down with AFRESH. Today I got my flyer done and just wanted to give you all a preview... just because I am away don't mean that it's all play. We got Kingdom Bizness... feel me. So now we can hit the streets with some eye candy and spread the word that there is a unknown treasure waiting to be found. So if your interested in being an official street team member contact me by e-mail at STAY BLESSED

Sunday, October 5, 2008


The love of fashion, design and most of all God was the reason why Afresh was created. We want to stay true to our soul so we cannot represent a lifestyle of money, drugs, strip clubs or gangster in our designs, style or identity, it is not who we are. We represent the Most High God and everything we create reflects and points to His glory. The way we do business and our beliefs reflect who we follow and the vision is to build the Kingdom of God not our own. Followers of the Lord are called to be in this world but to be not of it. We embrace this Word and give to you a clothing that is in style with yesterdays, todays and tomorrows urban culture. Our designs show the elements to a lifestyle of a follower of Jesus and the combination of the two renews your spirit for fashion. Those of you who can step out of the crowds, the scene, the peer pressures and stand for things that were placed in your heart by God from the beginning to do right. Those of you who look to an alternative to all the darkness and want a clothing that represents things that are far greater than anything this world can ever offer, come join Afresh. We look to partner with so many who have the same vision and together the world will hear our voice, our sound of faith.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well I am here in the SUCKA FREE, BAY AREA for a couple of weeks just chillin' and handling some bizness. I saw my designer (shout out to Brand1Designs) and was finalizing the new colors and coordinating (you always gotta cooo-ordinate) the next designs for release (date to be still announced). My main concern was the ladies so just know i have five pieces of flavorful eye candy for y'all. For the men I am putting out two new colors (some island favorites) for the logo shirts and two new designs. this is just a sneak peek and a little taste of flavor to come. So stay connected to find out whats next with AFRESH..... STAY BLESSED.