Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Just a quick hit to let you all know about the GET CLOSER TOUR 2010 coming soon to churches in the islands of Hawaii. Stay posted for the complete details .... We are calling out to you youngsters in Hawaii that call yourself believers we want y'all to know we care and this tour is for you to get closer to Jesus. No matter what church or denomination you belong if you believe in Jesus the Son of God as Lord and Savior then come and support the movement.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Bridging the G.A.P has released its first full length album "The Great Commission" calling all hip-hop heads to hear the gospel up close and personal. These folks got a message to be heard and they do it flavorfully with a variety of beats and tempos to carry their message to the heart. Transformed and the crew are my weeples and have been down with AFRESH since day one. These folks don't play, their hearts are on fire for Jesus and they ain't sleepin' til He comeback! The album is available on their site and now on itunes and soon to be on for download. Go support these artists and show them some love for doing something you may not be doing..... hollerin' Jesus to the world.